Network Speed Signal Booster

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Ever wanted a better signal?  Faster internet connection?  Well congratulations you’ve come to the right app!  This is the first, the original Network Speed Signal Booster for Android.  Over 1,000,000+ downloads and an astonishing 4.76/5.0 rating with over 100,000+ reviews!

This app lets you reconnect to the strongest, fastest cell tower available on the place it was run.  What you’ve got to lose? It’s free!

Download it now! :)

63 thoughts on “Network Speed Signal Booster

    • Welcome back!! 5Stars, just doubled my bars! Wish android hadn’t dropped the ball on Moto G. This makes 3rd time I’ve tried to post this, won’t let me post on googleplay . This app makes me not as disgusted w/android performance.

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    • 非常谢谢! 我希望您将继续支持我的工作!

      Thank you so much for your support! Hope you’ll continue to support my work! :)

  2. my fresh network vip no longer works on my nexus 4 once i got 4.3. i downloaded and installed the version of fresh network – note NOT vip from your webpage but that does not run either. what is going on? great app when it runs, i would love to have it run again!

    • Hi Ernie,

      It actually does work just in a ‘different’ way in Nexus 4. Newer Android OS (such as 4.3) made some major changes in them. Hope this helps. ;)

      Thanks for the support!


      • I have the same problem on my Galaxy Nexus (4.3). Everytime I open it it just says that Unfortunately, Network Signal Speed Booster has stopped. I use your app a couple times a day and I’d like to get it working again.

    • thank you! :) well technically its in google play store but for how long before google kills it that I dont know :/


    • Hello Ehsan,

      My apologies, I get really tons and tons of email everyday and I just can’t respond to all. Mind posting it here?


  3. Dear MCStealth,
    I have just two questions:

    (First Question)- Plz let me know if this version of freshnetwork which you uploaded in this website is the final and full or not? I have three other versions and packages name as below:

    1- Name: Fresh Network Pro, Package name: “com.freshnetworkpro”, Version: FreshAppleLite

    2- Name: Fresh Network VIP, Package name: “com.freshnetworkpro”. Version:

    Google play version ( as:
    3- Name: Network Signal Speed Booster, Package Name: “com.mcstealthapps.freshnetwork”, Version: 3.3c

    and your uploaded version in this site as:
    4- Name: Fresh Network, Package name: “com.mglabs.freshnetwork”, Version: 1.0a

    Plz tell me which of this four versions is the final and the full one?

    (Second Question)- Plz let me know if FreshNetwork is running always and automatically searches always for the strongest signal in background or not? I mean if I have to run freshnetwork again when my GPRS switches Off/On, goes to airplane mode or when I change my place?
    If not, It will be better by installing and running it for the first time, it has auto-run option and automatically searches for the best signal always even when device is restarted, goes to airplane mode or location and available cell towers changed.

    • Hello Ehsan,

      Thank you for your questions, here are the answers:
      Question 1: #3.
      Question 2: No, you have to run it every time. It’s made this way to save battery life. I kinda didn’t get the 2nd sub question…

      Thank you. :)



  4. Hey man,

    The job you’re doing is just awesome, I can only thank you for that.
    But I do have a little suggestion… You see, I’m using a custom ROM with android 4.3 and the Network Signal Speed Booster isn’t working… In fact, I can’t even open the app.
    Would you check this out? :D

    Again, thank you very much, great app and amazing job!

    • looks like they changed something, mind telling me the actual custom rom you used? that would really help isolate the problem :) thanks!


  5. App doesn’t work for CM 10.2 on Galaxy Note 2 t889. App will not even open – gets message “Unfortunately, Network Speed Signal Booster has stopped.”

  6. Google Nexus 4 fully updated to 4.3 factory settings.
    As soon as try to open the app, error message the app has stopped working.
    Tried uninstall and reinstall but the same problem occurs.
    Any suggestions?


    I purchased Fresh Network in November 2012 when I had my previous phone after trying out the free version. Recently to my dismay, when I went to install it on the new phone I just purchased, I noticed it is offered under a different name in Google Play (Network Speed Signal Booster) and I cannot download the ad-free version I already purchased last November (Fresh Network). I shouldn’t have to donate to get the ad-free version of the app since I already paid for it last November. Please advise. Thank you in advance.

    Your Loyal Customer/User,

  8. Hey please help. This app works great but only for a while. After 2-3 minutes the speed becomes slower again and I had to do it many times. Thanks.

  9. Delighted to witness this truth in advertising, right there it is,before my eyes. Evident of it’s merritt. BRAVO!

  10. If I use this app and I am on the Sprint Network and have no signal but I would have signal from other networks like Verizon does this app connect me to a Verizon cell tower?

  11. Hey mcstealth,
    Just wanted to ask if ur working on a new version and/or support for cm10.2 (android 4.3)?

    Would be nice to use ur app again instead of all the other slow clones

  12. I downloaded the signal booser, I have horrible reception inside my house. It doesnt seem to give me any better connection. Do I do anything else besides install it??? How do I make it boost my signal???

  13. hello, you just have to run the app that’s it. You have to keep doing it everytime though, its made that way so it wont drain your battery.. Getting signal is a strong battery drain. :)

  14. This and the Wi-Fi booster both have ruined 3 of my phones Motorola droid, Motorola droid 3 & Samsung galaxy 3. I try them & seem to work first free hours, then go outside and the phones just fail. when I install I can’t get a 3g signal that works, the icon is there but not the device when I use it

  15. How does this app work and what is the difference between the one on your web site and the version in the app store?

    • there’s really no difference friend. whatever is on google is the same as what i have here. this is site serves as an alternative source for the apps. :)

  16. ?? i’m having some issues with the fresh network pro
    vs. the free version. the pro version will not complete is I uncheck the
    auto close. can you explain why?

  17. Hello Mcstealth,

    Your apps are great, especially Network Speed Booster.
    I don’t know if this is the right place for this but I wrote you an e-mail and I haven’t got a reply yet.
    It was working well ony my HTC ONE X with stock rom so I recommended the app to a lot of friends. But now, when I flashed CM 11 Snapshot M9, it doesn’t work. The phone modem doesn’t get reset even I get the message “enjoy your better signal and faster speed.”


  18. I started to download and I got a message saying that this application may harm my phone. I have a Kyocera – through Boost Mobile with no contract
    model # C6730
    Serial # 9900042027457
    Android Version – 4.4.2
    Software Version – 2.033BT
    Hardware Version – 0104
    Baseband Version – 2.033BT
    Kernel Version – 3.4.0-g4f72b74
    Build # KVT49L
    Signal Strength -120dBm 99asu
    PRL Version – 3301
    MSID – 4022153361
    ICCID – 89011200000348986356
    PMA RXID – C421c80df515
    MEID HEX – 99000420274757
    DEC – 256915104 02574167
    IMSI – 310004022153361
    IMEI – 990004202747576

    I have no service when I return home in North Platte, Nebraska, and have service in Omaha Nebraska – which is where I purchased the phone and am there 3 weeks of the month. But I also spend time here in North Platte… I am tired of trying to get service, where there is none. However the primary carrier here is Verizon. What is the best way for me to get service in the North Platte area? I have been thinking about rerooting the phone and changing the simm card to str

  19. Sorry
    Straight talk, but I just purchased another month of boost mobile and would like to use the service until it’s expired… plus I want to be sure that every thing I do is legal…

    Can You please help me??? I would definitely appreciate Your advice, and/or purchase the right programs through You.

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